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CallServ Benefits

Beverage Sales Increase

33% Or More
Using CallServ, customers order new drinks, desserts, and appetizers more often.

Increased Labor Efficiency

26% Or More
Staff and customers communicate more efficiently for a better dining experience.

Online Customer Reviews

Yelp, Google, Facebook
Increase your online positve feedback and say goodbye to poor service reviews.

Increased Table Turn Around Times

45% Increase In Tips
By following our program, waiters are able to increase tips by both volume and amount.

Everyone Wins!

With CallServ



Ever had to wait 35 minutes to order new drinks or pay your bill? Had to put your self in the awkward position of having to wave your hands to get your waiters attention? Say hello to CallServ, we put you in communication with the restaurant POS system, allowing you to have a better customer service experience.



CallServ has proven repeatedly how our effective program has increased revenues for businesses in the service industry. By increasing turnaround, customer repeat visits and frequency of orders.



CallServ Increases efficiency, hot plates or cold drinks are delivered as soon as they are ready. You will notice an increase in teamwork between your staff members and an improvement in overall employee and customer satisfaction. Better table turn around times, means higher gross sales to report especially on busy days and weekends.


Waiting Staff

Ever feel like you are disturbing your clients that are having business meetings or engaged conversations and have to ask them if they need anything? Ever had to repeatedly visit the kitchen or bar to check if your orders are ready? Say goodbye to all of that and say hello to CallServ! Did we mention that you can see an increase in tips by 50% or more!

Training Programs

Our Exclusive training program is the key to your success with CallServ. We don't just sell you a product. We offer you a complete training program with a support team and customer accessible training content that is available 24/7 365 days a year.

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